Thursday, August 19, 2010

Your daily dose of misanthropy

Regarding Paul Krugman, who hated George W. Bush, Colin Powell, and John McCain, who are all Evil Incarnate™, and who thinks that Barack Obama is "less progressive than people thought":
While it is regrettable that Obama doesn't completely agree with Kruginator, he shares his party affiliation so he's a good man. He drops the good bombs. He tortures the good torture. He assassinates the good assassinations. He's the good kind of murdering sell out.

This is why I hate everyone now instead of just the right wing. Looking back, I have no fucking idea how it took me this long.
Not sure that I entirely like the site, but if you're looking for misanthropic snark sharp as the finest English cheddar, this is the place.

1 comment:

Eagle said...

So... I can SAY whatever I think is "good policy", and then DO whatever I think is expedient?

Cool! I can be JUST LIKE OBAMA!!

[slapping self awake]

Y'know, seems like Krugman just told us he was an "easy mark".

I kinda suspected this all along. Now, I'm SURE of it.