Friday, August 13, 2010

Bill Whittle has a new post up

You know the drill, go RTWT. Here's a teaser:

Let’s start at the top: with Barack Obama. Is he:

A. A Muslim-sympathizing, neo-Marxist true believer, who sees America and Capitalism as the principle barrier to fairness and world peace?

Or B, is he merely an empty suit, an unwitting pawn of much larger, hidden forces?

Or C, simply a self-obsessed, incompetent narcissist who happened to be at the right place at the right time.

I’ve given this a lot of careful thought, and I think the real answer is yes.

That's just the beginning, and then he's off to compare current politics to ancient Rome's. Dang. I thought I had that covered. Go read anyway.

Hat tip: Mark Alger.


Anonymous said...

I go for Spokesmodel -


the pistolero said...

Bill Whittle is an American treasure. In an America worthy of the Founders, he would be the celebrity and Paris Hilton, Lady Gaga, et al. would be the unknowns.

Anonymous said...

Crunchy Tam-worthy snark on the outside, real meaningful well-thought argument inside. Well done, that man.