Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Not so smart after all

Penn Jillette nails it, with a (ahem) liberal sprinkling of F-Bombs:

You can almost hear the guy saying But I'm so smart, I must be able to figure it out. Yeah, it's something I have no experience with, and someone is actively trying to keep me from figuring it out, but it bothers me that I can't figure it out.

Yeah, it bothers us that you can't figure it out, too. Actually, that doesn't bother us; the fact that you think you can figure everything out - despite repeated examples of Epic Figure Out Fail - that bothers us.

Hat Tip: A Large Regular.


Eagle said...

Ah... I got it now: Health Care is, like, MAGIC!

[warning - double entendre zone ahead]

Pelosi has the ball (2, actually) and a cup (sports analogy) and she thinks that she KNOWS how the trick is supposed to be done.

I wonder if she got the ball(s) and cup from Reid. After all, it was he who invented the trick at a table in a locked room with only a couple of other people who brought their ball(s) and cups with them.

[end of double entendre zone]

SiGraybeard said...

It's the insufferable arrogance that bothers me. The point the bright lawyer dude doesn't get is that the truly intelligent people have some grasp of how much they don't know.

Didn't everyone have a mentor - or mama - that taught them that?

Anonymous said...

TheGraybeard: Funny how the more I learn, the more I realize very little indeed.


Anonymous said...

I suppose if it read, "the more I realize I know..." it would make more sense.