Sunday, August 29, 2010

"It's only a flesh wound."

Lance Corporal Johno Lee was serving in Her Majesty's Armed Forces in Helmand Province, Afghanistan when he was caught in an explosion. His heart stopped twice, but medics and doctors were able to get it going both times. Unfortunately, they couldn't save his leg, which they amputated below the knee.

Nor, seemingly, could they get the heart beating again in the Newark, Nottinghamshire (UK) Town Council, which refuses to give him a disabled parking sticker for his car:

A hero soldier who lost a leg in Afghanistan has been denied a disabled parking badge three times by council bosses.

Lance Corporal Johno Lee has clocked up £800 in fines for parking in disabled bays in his home town of Newark, Nottinghamshire, on days when he uses a wheelchair or feels unable to walk very far.

When he first applied to Nottinghamshire County Council for a blue badge, he was advised he was young and 'may get better'.

Your arm's off. No, it's not.

The Council always triumphs!

This is not to make fun of Lance Cpl. Lee. On the contrary. I'm dumbfounded that the Council could be so clueless as to tell him that his leg might grow back. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? Grow back? Note to all Boston area lefties: observe your Philosopher Kings in action.

I normally leave the post at this point, with a sneer both at the sheer incompetence on offer in the UK, and the intellectual incompetence of an American Left that thinks we should import it to our shores. Not this time. There's no mistaking the malice on display: turned down not once, but three times; the suggestion that his leg might grow back.

Malice. Running the bureaucracy. This is what lampposts and rope were invented to handle. I'm willing to be convinced that hanging just a few - pour encourager les autres - is the prudent solution, contrasted with mass executions by firing squad.

There's a difference between subjects and citizens, and it's high time that "public servants" learned the lesson. Rope.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Bore Patch for taking the time and energy to post these items. I'm an "old man" and have too many "honey do" things on my list to do the research like you do.
I am convinced that even if we change the head of the dragon, by booting the dimocrats out, we will still be stuck with the remnents of a dimocrat government. This hope and change government style is persuasive and is deeply rooted in the minds of the minions.
We need to reeducate the drones in government before we get shafted like this British fighting man.


Toaster 802 said...

Voting in new blood in November is the start. Then holding them to cleaning up the mess is the trick.

Across the board 20% cuts in city, county, state, fed gov employees. (excepting immigration enforcement, where it will be adding 20%). 20% cut in pay and bennies for those who stay on. Outlawing public sector unions.

This would be a start. Deep cuts if not outright abolishing many federal departments has to be part of the fix.

The compassion for this soldier is the same we can expect from Obama care. Time to torpedo this pig and restore fiscal sanity and mental clarity to our country.

bluesun said...

"A stoning every couple generations would go far to solve our problems."

So says one of my friends in MT, who I happen to agree with.

Anonymous said...

Toaster 802, I like your thinking...I spent some time perusing the internet and found out that school teachers, in Wisconsin, pay 3% of the cost of health insurance, for their health insurance. I spend 36%.
Also, I can put 3% of my salary into a 401(k) and the company will match 1.5%...oh wait they cancelled that because they weren't making enough money last year. Wisconsin school teachers put what percentage of their OWN money into a retirement fund, hm?....0%, zippo, nadda, nil, zilch...
Of course the teachers unions will say "but we work for lousy wages.." They always tell you the starting wages of teachers, they don't tell you the 3-5 year wages, or the 10 year wages, or the increase in wages when they get another certification or more credits.
And this is one example in a stew of examples. What is frustrating is that some people will say, "so what is the big deal, it's only that one thing..."
And I say it may be only one thing but the dimocrats have added so many of those "things" together that it's begining to be impossible to live in this country.


TOTWTYTR said...

While regenerative science is advancing rapidly because of the current War Against Islamofascists, it's not advancing that rapidly. It is beyond the ken of the council to predict that the Lance Corporal's leg "might grow back".

Useless bureaucrat + tar + feathers = Ex useless bureaucrat.

Anonymous said...

Being appalled at their decision is bad enough, but not being surprised is what really hurts.


Paul, Dammit! said...

I call reverse ageism? The brits have a big population gap between the boomers and the raised-on-disco set. Perhaps the council is trying to bird-dog some crip spaces for their upcoming eligibility?

Stan said...

Putting the issue aside for a moment, I just love that scene & crack up every-time I watch it - Monty Python- The Black Knight Fight