Friday, August 6, 2010

Greatest modern flim dance scenes

Via Insty, there's not a bad list at Armchair Commentary. Mostly what you'd expect from a Top Ten - Flashdance, the Tango scene from Scent of a Woman, Saturday Night Fever, Chicago, etc. But they left out what in my book is the single greatest dance routine since Fred and Ginger, from Blast From The Past:

This is one of the great sleeper films of all time in my book: Christopher Walken in a great comedic role, smart (if sometimes pretty contrived) dialog, one of Alicia Silverstone's two credible performances (the other being Clueless), and Nathan Fillian before he got his spaceship.

But the dance scene, where Brendan Frasier did his own moves, is simply outstanding. It isn't heavy, but it sure is fun.

The audio has been disabled because of a copyright claim (grr), but this will give you the flavor of it, anyway.

UPDATE 6 August 2010 20:55: Replaced broken audio Youtube embed with Metacafe. There's an advertisement, but you get audio.


Midwest Chick said...

They totally left out "Lambada, the Forbidden Dance".

Truly, just kidding... my vote is for Pacino or Fraser since both are great actors.

Borepatch said...

Midwest Chick:


Good gravy, that's horrible!

Alan said...

That is a good movie, and often overlooked.

One of my favorites.

Stan said...

Those Flim Flam Films are just a hoot; dirty dancing and hot steamy moves, brings back those fond memories of the roaring

You did mean FLIM correct?

soulful sepulcher said...

What's flim? your verification word?