Saturday, August 21, 2010

What do our military folks think of games where you play as the Taliban?

Gamrfeed has a very interesting interview with a bunch of current military members, asking what they think of the upcoming Medal Of Honor game where you can play as the Taliban. Interesting reading.

I more or less agree with the idea expressed by several that this isn't really much different than other games where you play as the Bad Guy. I also agree with a couple of The Guys that yeah - some people could see this as a big middle finger to Our Guys.

And I'd like to say a couple things to Pvt. Steier, in reply to her comment:
When a conflict has been going on for as long as this one has, people tend to get complacent and forget what exactly is going on. I mean, look at what happened right after 9/11... People were STEALING American flags from their neighbors to hang in their own yards! How many people fly the flag on a daily basis now? People forget, it's easy to do since we're so separated from it all. A game like this reopens our eyes to the point where we go "oh, hey, look, this is still happening!"
1. Yes, I fly the flag every day out front of my house. It's a small flagpole, attached to the house. When we move, I hope to have a large, free standing flag pole where I can fly not only the flag, but the Marine Corps flag that nephew Daniel brought home to me from Fallujah.

2. Thank you for your service, and for the service of your brothers and sisters in arms.

3. Every day I pray for you to come home safe, and soon, and victorious.

Your mileage may vary, void where prohibited, do not remove tag under penalty of law. But this is where we stand.

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The Czar of Muscovy said...

Interesting. Players who play as the Taliban might learn more than our DoD, who does not do any Taliban role-playing for OppFor training purposes.