Sunday, August 29, 2010

Quote of The Day - Harry Reid Edition

So the NRA has gone all medieval on Harry, 'cause they think he's a liar when it comes to Supreme Court nominees. (Duh!)

Via Ace, is the bottom line on how the decision was made:
I know that Harry Reid's whiter than a bowl of rice in a blizzard, but somehow I just can't shake the thought that there's racism involved here somehow.
Probably the NRA are Homophobic and Anti-Muslim, too. A trifecta!

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Stan said...

They forgot to mention that the IRA is also behind environmentally unfriendly bullet lead, they are the cause of global warming, they abuse small children & kill cute little puppies just for fun....Don't you just love the always fair & balanced left wing-nut press....

Mr. Hand-out puppet Reid as about as corrupt and sold out as is it gets in Washington DC.