Friday, August 27, 2010

Some things need to be said again

I don't think I've ever done this before, but this post from last year is still pertinent to the recent Vote Democrat thread. Remember, the Democrats aren't the problem, and the Republicans aren't the solution. The problem is an institutional Governing Party that has increasing contempt for the voters. The latest examples of GOP "leadership" simply underline this.

I'd love to see the Republicans stand for smaller, less expensive, and less intrusive government, for actual reform rather than incumbent feather-bedding, for listening to voters rather than big money special interests. If they actually start to do this, I might even vote for them.

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--------------- From June 8, 2009 -----------------

Both my regular readers know that I'm not exactly a Party Man. Mostly, I just like being left alone, which these days is getting harder and harder to do.

Let's consider the Republicans - the Stupid Party:
  • Corruption? If they've done anything about Abramoff and company, I sure haven't noticed.
  • Big Spenders? If they've changed their mind and decided that they can't buy my vote with my own money, I sure haven't noticed.
  • Party of Washington DC? If their goals are no longer appointing friends to positions of power, while stuffing their pockets with "campaign contributions", I sure haven't noticed.
The Democrats are worse - the Contemptible Party. Drunk on power, they're squandering my children's future:
  • Apres nous, le Déluge? If they've changed their minds about destroying the dollar, and making Entitlements "too big to fail", assuming that when the inevitable cuts come they'll protect their friends and hurt their enemies, I sure haven't noticed.
  • Shut up, he suggested. Show trials. "Fairness" Doctrine. If they hate the First Amendment less than they hate the Second Amendment, I sure haven't noticed.
  • Buy a Senate Seat? If they've changed their minds about turning the entire Republic into Chicago, I sure haven't noticed.
  • Lying bastards: Gay rights? Guantanamo? Don't appoint Lobbyists? If they think that anyone who voted for them isn't a sucker, I sure haven't noticed.
Corrupt, clueless, and vindictive. It's a trifecta!

Feh. The political elites on both sides aren't worth the time of day. We have two parties that are about nothing more than perpetuating their own power, at the expense of the governed.

However, there seems like there might be a way forward. It might be very effective indeed, letting the Political Class know that they sit in Congress on our sufferance. It's simple, which is necessary if you want to build it into something resembling a movement.

Vote against any incumbent. Any incumbent.

It doesn't matter who the incumbent is, or who is running against them - the parties are essentially interchangeable in their attitude towards power. But they all read the polls.

It doesn't even matter if many are voted out. If they realize that they're in a fight for their political careers - or if enough of them realize this - that will be a cold wake up call for the rest. Even ten percent of the races turning close will make (some of) them wise up.

And so, offered for your consideration, a call to action. Released into the public domain, as a service to the Republic:

UPDATE 27 August 2010 17:47: To Old To Work, Too Young To Retire has an excellent analysis of the general (as opposed to the Borepatch-specific) mood.

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