Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Can't tell him nuthin'

Via Theo.

For those who don't catch the reference, it's a comparison to George W. Bush:

This video still appalls leftists, which makes it even better.

Marketing types say that once a person has formed an impression of a product, it's very hard to get them to change it. This is why people don't like to change brands (say, toothpaste) - they've already made up their minds, and you're asking them to reopen that mental analysis. This is why new brand introductions are so hideously expensive, because you have - for a brief moment - a blank slate, with no pre-conceptions. Brand re-launches (e.g. New Coke) are almost always a disaster.

Obama's brand looks to be solidifying as arrogant, out of touch, and unwilling to not be out of touch. There's a country song for that:


MaddMedic said...

Crossposted and linked!!

heh...wonder what the headcount will be for lefties heads spinning off??

Toaster 802 said...

Want to know who is what for why?

Follow the money.

ObotOne is shilling for $
Bloomberg is shilling for $
GE, who owns NBC, MSNBC is shilling for $

Loyalty is nothing to these people.
Honor is nothing.
Faith is nothing.
Truth is nothing.
Family is nothing.
America is nothing.

To me, they are nothing.