Saturday, August 21, 2010

Blogroll updates

I haven't done this is a while, so there's a backlog.

Cranky Chicks with Guns are pretty self-explanatory. And they also remind us that manners cost us nothing:
These ICP worshipers turned into crap-flinging primates for some reason or another. In what setting is it considered acceptable to throw excrement? I’ve been in some weird situations, folks, but I’ve never been tempted to grab a handful of feces – human or not – and fling it in any direction.
So very true.

Dragonblasts not only blogs, but is the home of Dragon Leather Works, makers of sweet, sweet holsters like this Python skin one for an XD.

[Wayne's World] Some day, you will be mine. Oh yes. [/Waynes World]

And this recent post of his deserves your attention. It's about a tattoo artist who tattoos identification onto our soldier's body, in case an IED blows off the soldier's dog tags. It's about his relationship to the soldiers, which goes far beyond "customers".

Desert Defender seems to be blogging from a new place, Eyes Never Shut. You'll want to update your bookmarks accordingly.

Welcome to the Borepatch blogroll! And a note to anyone else who might have blogrolled me. If I haven't added you here, leave a comment or email me: borepatch at gmail dot com.

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