Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Automobile want

Seen on Top Gear, it's the Morgan Aero 8. Zero to sixty in 4.5 seconds, and said to handle like a Porche 911. That's what you need if you're going to charge $120,000 for a car.

I hear it comes with a factory installed cop on your ass, though. And you could put both #1 Son and #2 Son through college for the price.



Teke said...

Looks like a cross between a GT racecar and Cruella Deville's car to me.

libertyman said...

I believe Morgan is now the largest English owned car company in Britain. But 120K for that one? No thanks. Too many other choices.

Anonymous said...

Nice way to drop a very swanky hammer if you get tired of the Astin Martin.


Anonymous said...

Meh, whatever. Gimmee a '67 Pontiac GTO any day over that thing.