Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hello Kitty Bayonet

Today is the 3rd annual New England Blogshoot. This year, the entire Clan Borepatch is coming, which will be very nice indeed. While we haven't exhausted the kids supply of old stuffed toys, we went shopping for this year's Guest of Honor:

Some how we managed to raise two sons without ever getting a Hello Kitty ...

JayG expects a huge turnout, which is great. As Hello Kitty likes to say, "You can't have too many friends!" Or .223 ...

As with previous years, we expect the carnage to be brutal. More feline, perhaps, but brutal. Pictures later.

But since this is the 3rd annual New England Blogshoot, that means there were two others previously. For new readers, here are some of my favorite Blogshoot posts:

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This may be the funniest security advisory ever written (even if I did write it myself). It's the #1 Google result for "NT vs. Solaris security". Heh.

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strandediniowa said...

Good luck, stay safe and post pics.

I'll be shingling on a roof today (must control jealousy). When I cut my hand (and I will) or hit my finger with a hammer, I can say, "At least I'm not at a blogshoot."

Wait, that doesn't help at all.

Maybe if I live vicariously, that would get me through the day. Look forward to your results.

soulful sepulcher said...

Oh my God. I am going to have to object! Long before having 3 daughters I was a Hello Kitty um, collector. Can't you all find GI Joe's dolls or somethin' for targets? don't think of me while aiming! LOL

Stan said...

Being past President in bad standing for the Hello Kitty fan club; I must protest this violation of humanity and stupid cartoons. I have sent a letter to the United Nations General assembly in protest.

Negotiations appear to be going well, with the offer of 300 life size targets of Stephany with exploding blood packs being thrown out as a compromise