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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The technical mechanism behind how the Stimulus works

You could spend months in dusty Economics tomes, or you could get your Zen Enlightenment (Economic Stimulus edition) by reading a single post at Random Acts of Patriotism.

Should only take you 30 seconds or so.  I'm waiting for ASM826 to post his parable of the GM nationalization and the Post Turtle.


ASM826 said...

I hope you laughed out loud.

Boat Guy said...

That one was pretty good, though it seem to ignore some of the other leaks in the pool - and the horrific leaks at the pump.
I thought the entry "The Trestle is Still Out" was a better description and the obvious fact that " really won't matter if we wreck at 57 miles an hour or 70, will it?" is what needs to be assimilated and acted upon NOW.
As that entry ends " Slam on the brakes like you can see the open water in front of the train. Otherwise, all we did yesterday was play musical chairs in the caboose."

Paladin said...

Good Good stuff, right there :)

Bubblehead Les. said...

Problem is, the water recycling isn't working, so Helicopter Ben and Gollum Geitner have decided to do "Weimar Republic, the Sequel". Got Wheelbarrow?

Lissa said...

Thanks Borepatch! It inspired me to write one of my own:

CarDogg said...