Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What the heck is going on with the RNC?

I have to admit that I'm no Michael Steele fan (he seems far too comfortable with the Statist class for my tastes), but this suggests that the Long Knives are out:
The original piece bafflingly buries the sexed-up lede in the sixth paragraph, beneath some fairly ho-hum reporting about Michael Steele “once . . . rais[ing] the possibility of using party money to buy a private jet for his travel.” So to the DC editors, the story is not that the chairman of the Republican party expensed a lesbian sex show, it is that he thought about doing something else that might be seen as wasteful and abusive of his office.
Ignoring the pros or cons of a lesbian show as a team building event (err, that would be some team*), is this the first salvos of the battle to de-fenestrate Michael Steele? If so, who's the replacement? Sarah Palin?

* I thought you said we'd ignore that. (Come on, this is Journalism. isn't it?)


Mohawk on the Dartmouth said...

This is why I can't join the Republican party. GOOOH is the party for me. This is about as lame as the expensive RNC meeting in Hawaii.

Boat Guy said...

Can't join the Republicans either - but would consider it if Sarah Palin was head of the RNC. In fact that's just about the ONLY way I'd consider it