Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blogroll Additions

I forgot to do this last week, and so we have a jumbo sized version today.

First up is Patrick, who emailed to tell me that he'd linked me from his new blog, Where Angels Fear To Tread. He's another libertarian-ish, gun-toting computer geek. Don't know what he'd find interesting here ...

Silicon Graybeard describes his blog as Mental wanderings from an older engineer, leaning toward liberty, firearms, radio, home machine shops and other techno-geeeky activities. Huh - don't see what he'd find interesting here, either. But giving him his due, he's more evil than I am.

The Forgotten Man has the suggestion for the TSA Airport Scanner. All I can say is HAHAHAHA.

Somehow, I've come to the attention of Mark Philip Alger over at Baby Troll Blog. He's been kind enough to add me to his blogroll, right in the middle of a bunch of (ahem) distinguished company:

While I realize that it's all an accident of alphabetical order, I shall endeavor to up my game.

Last but by no means least, Gunbloggers linked. I'd expect that no introduction is necessary to most of you, but if you haven't run across it before, it's a great feed collection site from all the major gun bloggers. And occasionally, it seems, from me.

Welcome to be Borepatch blogroll everyone!

1 comment:

Mark Alger said...

Trust me: you earned it.


tw: cluiloc -- how you secure your cluibat in Scotland.