Sunday, March 28, 2010

I can haz catnipz, plz?

Dey no haz it in da Big House Shelter.



soulful sepulcher said...

ha this looks like a nice life for this kitty. I took in a stray once, when I was 18 (actually a LOT of cats), he was pure white fur, blue eyes, and I named him "Teddy Bear Crystal Blue Persuasion"...called him Teddy for short. I was "creative" back then with pet names lol

Now, I have Sammy age almost 11 the queen of the house tabby.

doubletrouble said...

Ya know, I was thinking you should have named him Whitey.

That way, when you called him in, you could yell "Hey Whitey".

Depending on where you live, that could be fun...

When we took CC in, she was a stray. She's a happy camper nowadays, & she haz catnipz- I'm even growing a patch.

Anonymous said...

He appears to have you well-trained already! ;)


Lissa said...

Welcome to kittyblogging!!