Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy Earth Hour

This will leave a mark:

The WWF sponsored Earth Hour has already come and gone in the Korean time zone, and the North Korean proletariat has claimed a stunning victory over its evil capitalist neighbor, South Korea.

Oh, wait.

Seems it is always that way.

In honor of Mother Gaia, we're doing the following during Earth Hour:
  • Eating yummy farm-raised meat*.
  • Running 4 computers** and a game console**.
  • Turning on lights in all the rooms facing the road, PLUS both front porch lights, because the street lights have been out.
  • I'm considering taking a long, hot, soaking bath, because it will take 50+ gallons to fill up the danged tub, and I have a good book to read.***
If the WWF wants to save the planet, they can promote policies that raise Third World people from poverty, and gets them into more remunerative jobs than subsistence farming. To join me in the hope that all over the world, old farms will revert to forest just like what's been happening in my town.

Or they can just keep doing media stunts, and dialing for dollars. Quite frankly, I suspect that they wouldn't care if everyone lived like North Koreans, as long as their donations keep them in plush K Street digs.

You ask me for a contribution, but you know we're doing all we can ...

* Pork tenderloin, brined over night, seared, and then slow roasted to 165°. And some other stuff, but who cares about that?

** Yes we have more than this, because of course you need more computers and game consoles than you have people in the house. Duh. But running them just to run them is, like, wasteful. Duh.

*** Stones To Schools. By someone who, unlike WWF, is actually trying to make a difference in the world, not just pimp for eco-dollars. And yes, I got my copy direct from the author, which means that my money is going directly to what they're doing. Force multiplier, baby, that's what I am.


TOTWTYTR said...

Despite the price of gas, I might just go and idle my truck for an hour. You know, because it will piss them off to no end.

Anonymous said...

But running them just to run them is, like, wasteful. Duh.

Folding@Home. My desktop and my PS3 run it full-time when I'm not using them for anything else.

If they want to bitch, then the electricity to operate they is balanced out by the gas I save from heating my place, which happens most of the year.


ZZMike said...

"** Yes we have more than this [4 computers], because of course you need more computers ..."

I've heard tell - but can't verify this absurd idea - that some homes have more than 1 TV set.

If this is really true, they can watch simultaneously reports coming in from around the world.

I notice that little spot of light around the center of North Korea. That's got to be the Dear Leader's house.

The Earth Hour thing might also be a good time to check out your Christmas lights.

bluesun said...

What I did was completely forget about it and watched "Fiddler on the Roof."

Mission Accomplished!