Monday, March 29, 2010

Airport full body scanners already abused

Well, that was fast:

The police have issued a warning for harassment against an airport worker after he allegedly took a photo of a female colleague as she went through a full-body scanner at Heathrow airport.

The incident, which occurred at terminal 5 on 10 March, is believed to be the first time an airport worker has been formally disciplined for misusing the scanners.

Interesting choice of words there. Not "the first time the scanners have been misused", but the first time someone's been disciplined for doing so.

Of course, that sort of thing would only happen to lesser breeds in heathen climes, like in England. Never happen here.

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soulful sepulcher said...

Of course this isn't surprising, just wondering what the 25 year old thought he would see? :/ that he might not have before? or a tampon insert? Seriously, WTF loser.