Monday, March 29, 2010

Quote of the Day - Dueling edition

Via email, Eric suggests:
Have you seen this yet?

I think ol' James wants you to meet him on Main Street at High Noon. If you want I'll act as your second and ASM826 can take up an overwatch position cause you just know Cameron will cheat.
Heh. I think that ASM826 is on to him ...

And speaking of lefties and duels, who can forget Zell Miller calling Chris Matthews out?


Anonymous said...

Yeah I saw that over at Breda's Place
and tossed my own post up about it.
What a moron. Amazing how the left wants to take away our guns one minute and then shoot us the second! I think I'll keep mine handy...Although I wonder how well they can shoot??

Six said...

Thanks for the shoutout BP. Now if only I could convince my wife how witty I am...

Grumpy Student said...

In this regard James Cameron is an incredible hypocrite.

How much energy (and therefore according to the AGW loonies C02 produced) did rack after rack of computers rendering the graphics for Avatar consume? Not only did he render pretty much the entire thing meaning thousands of CPU hours for nothing of more import than entertainment, but in an ultimate display of energy waste decided to make the film 3D, requiring each frame to be rendered twice.

Think how much energy he could have saved by shooting the film with a digital camera and puppets instead.

Hollywood need to stop lecturing and shut the fuck up.

And as for climate scientists, the energy wasted running their fanciful simulations of how they want the climate to change is their dirty little secret.