Friday, March 26, 2010

So, if a brick of .22 rimfire makes the MSM gasp ...

... what would their reaction be to a truckload of rifles?

Geneseo, IL - ( Here’s a new one. Mark Westrom just came into the office and said we’re having a truckload sale.

He says if anyone buys a truckload of ArmaLite firearms and products, you get to keep the truck.

Nice truck, too.
If the press scribbler gets the vapors from a 10/22, a Winchester, and an old Milsurp 1903 Springfield ("ZOMG - he had several rifles and a thousand rounds of ammo!!!1!!one!!"), just imagine when he sees old Cletus back this baby up. Sorry, I can't stop grinning.

Via Marcus, who has a good eye for irony.


Arthur said...

Honestly he could keep the Armalites, but I would LOVE to have the truck.

Heh, too bad there's no way I could afford either.

Six said...

Let's see. I don't have all of them immediately hand to count but....Carry the one. Multiply by 1000...
I've got a zillion guns and a kajillion rounds of ammunition. Hell, I added 6600 rounds just this week!
Oops. Did I say that out loud??

NotClauswitz said...

A Deuce-and-a-half! Cool! One of my shooting-club buddies said he was driving past Sand Mountain outside Fallon (NV), and a big guy was catching air off the top of the dunes in one of those, with the windshield folded forward of course.
You can get one on eBay Motors for about $4999.