Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Catblogging - and name bleg

Seen today inside the Chez Borepatch secure perimeter:

I'm told that I like the idea of a rescue cat. He seems pretty cool (a cool cat, you hepsters might say), and unlike Little One-Eyed Dog, he didn't bite me when we first met. His name at the shelter is "Crash", which I quite like. #1 Son wants to name him "Lavernius". He tells me that I like it.

Err, nazzo fast. So what do you think?

What should the cat's name be?
Player to be named later
Nothing. Why name something that doesn't come when you call it? free polls

Help us Obi-Wan Kenobi Al Gore's Intarwebz, you're our only hope.


bluesun said...

I am an Intarweb and I am here to save you!!!!

Tam said...

All I know is that r srs cat. srs cat deserves srs name.

Six said...

I'm jealous. I wish my name was Crash.

Borepatch said...

He's very mellow, and enjoying the attention. It's pretty clear that nobody's scratched behind his ears in a while.

He just plops down - dare I say crashes? - on your lap.

Yeah, I'd say he's a srs cat. ;-)

ASM826 said...


Avenging goddess of justice who was also called the Daughter of the Night. Nemesis was harsh but fair, and saw to the measure of all tings.

Home on the Range said...

Only cat I ever named was one of the airport cats that tangled with a coyote and lost one leg after the Vet fixed her up. I named her Tripacer.

SiGraybeard said...

Crash, most definitely.

I don't think any of my cats have ever had only one name; they all had nicknames and they all learned them. And they all came when called - yeah, they all failed "Cat 101"

Timmeehh said...

If he's a cool cat, name him Monk, as in Thelonius.

Anonymous said...



KurtP said...


He doesn't look black from his pic, does he meow ghetto, or something?
Is his grill chromed?

Bob said...

Hairball. Or, perhaps Harbl if you're into lolcats.