Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Quote of the Day

Squeeky Wheel Seeks Grease hits one out of the ballpark, out of the greater metropolitan area, and the whole damned State in a post that explains what's wrong about the current health care system, and how the new system is just going to make it wronger:

You know how I got my $40 rate? I asked how much it would be after the initial get-you-in-the-system costs. I got a deer-in-headlights look, a hurried huddle between a few office assistants, and an offer of “$40, okay?”

My doctor’s office has the freedom to choose whether to offer me a price for care, and I have the choice whether to accept it. Considering that I’ve been to offices where $95 was considered inexpensive, you bet your ass I accepted a $40 fee.

Will we be able to do that when the government is trying to enact a “One Plan to Rule Them All” policy on healthcare?

Don’t bet on it.


Health care is not a right. It’s a privilege. Once you start treating it as a right, you start getting people trying to “protect” the right by forcing everyone to comply.

Here’s a hint: Anything that has to be forced upon people is not a right. It is a compulsory regulation, i.e. a “rule.”

Things that you do, anyway? Like speak your mind? Gather in groups of like-minded people? Choose who to let stay in your house, and for what reason? Defend your life and that of others when you’re attacked? Not “telling on” yourself? THOSE are rights.

That's one impressive young lady.

What - you still here? Get over there, now. Don't you make me change my tone.

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