Saturday, March 6, 2010

Another Government Healthcare death

This time by dehydration. Of course, it's from the UK:

A man of 22 died in agony of dehydration after three days in a leading teaching hospital.

Kane Gorny was so desperate for a drink that he rang police to beg for their help.

They arrived on the ward only to be told by doctors that everything was under control.

The next day his mother Rita Cronin found him delirious and he died within hours.

He died of thirst while he was in a hospital. And this wasn't some heathen land of benighted clime - it was a teaching hospital in London. But I'm sure it will be totally different over here. Totally.

Hat tip: Don Surber.

And yes I know that I promised to lighten up for a couple days. Gah.


bluesun said...

You are past denial and working your way from anger to depression. I don't know if we should be looking forward to acceptance or not. It would make things easier, but I don't want to go down without a fight.

kahr40 said...

My 88 year old mom just had an emergency trip to the ED. no broken bones but they discovered another issue and dealt with it quickly and professionaly. She's already back at home. I wonder what would have happened if we were in the UK or Canada OR under Obamacare. I'd prefer never to get the answer to that one.

WoFat said...

At 67, I'm thrilled what I have to look forward to under obama. (Can't bring myself to use capital letters for this mope.)