Wednesday, December 17, 2008

¡Viva la Lazerlutión!

Come the Bredalucion, you wont use your Outdoor Voice in the Library. She's polite, but she has a plan that includes you, Scooter.

Just sayin'.

And I only did this because Lissa made me.

UPDATE 18 December 2008 11:09: Hokey smokes, it's a Bredalanche! Glad to see y'all, and take a look around. Other fun photoshop (well, The Gimp) stuff here and here.


JD said...

that seems like it would be hard on the books in the library. . . How do you read? Special flame retardant books or such???? Special glasses like the guy in X-men. . .

Hey, you created a new character for the X-men - Librarian!

Borepatch said...

JD, that idea is Made. Of. Win.

I'd better check with Breda before I photoshop any lycra, tho. And remember "The Incredibles" - no capes!

Lissa said...

"Certainly the most famous costumed librarian is Barbara Gordon. By day the librarian daughter of Gotham City’s police commissioner, by night Barbara donned cape and cowl as Batgirl."

Dude, Super-Breda would whoop Batgirl's ever-lovin' ASS!


Borepatch said...

Lissa, where on earth did you find that? I'm already wondering if I can photoshop Breda's face into Super Librarian.


Anonymous said...

Ted, it was extremely arduous, complicated work that ate up thousands of man-hours . . . er, I Googled "superhero characters librarian." :)