Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ashley at US Air/Logan is teh Awesome

Supposed to be in Phoenix now. We're not. Seems there was a mixup in the reservation (another post on this later), and this is a bad, bad week to be flying, if there's a mixup in your reservation.

However - and this is important - Ashley at US Air (Logan Airport) is an absolute gem. Kind of the definition of grace under fire. Ashley, thank you for taking care of us.

I won't post her last name, because that might be a little creepy and Internet-stalker-like, but if anyone from US Air management wants to contact me about this, my email contact is in the link bar on the right. Give her a raise. Really.

Just for perspective, I've flown between a million and a half and a million and three quarters miles. She's one of the top ten or so "Airline helped me out" situations. Just sayin'.

And a personal request to my fellow bloggers who might read this: please link to this post. I'm not trolling for hits, but think it would be awfully nice if the top Google hit for "Ashley at US Air" said she was teh awesome. Because she is. I'd be mighty obliged.

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TOTWTYTR said...

I'm glad you had a good experience with US Air, ours stunk. They violated their own rules to bump us from a flight ON WHICH WE WERE ALREADY SEATED. Yes, that's right, they closed the doors, then opened them, asked us to get off the plane so that they could seat two people too stupid to understand what "get on the plane now" means.

Then they gave us crap about putting us up in a hotel overnight, but finally gave in.

I'd advise you to hide Ashley's identity because if US Air management finds out she actually helped you, they'll no doubt fire here.

US Air sucks. No, that's not true. US Air would have to improve substantially to suck. They're not even that good.