Sunday, December 28, 2008

Advice to the Linksys Product Manager

I've used your stuff for years, so here's some constructive criticism that would keep me from switching to Netgear.

If you're going to call your setup program "EasyLink Advisor", then it should be easy, mkay?

Otherwise, you should probably call it "Easy-if-you're-set-up-the-way-I-think-otherwise-it's-a-bitch-Link Advisor".

Vista is here to stay. You really should handle it.

Your software should be smart enough to know that it is getting installed on Vista. It should be smart enough to say "Hey, IP version 6 needs to be turned off, or you won't be able to get on Al Gore's Intarwebz." It should really be smart enough to say "Hey, IP version 6 needs to be turned off, or you won't be able to get on Al Gore's Intarwebz. Do you want me to do this?"

I'd think that this would cut down on a bunch of support calls. Support calls = $$ to you, which is your problem. Support calls = pain in the butt to me, which is my problem. I think we're both unhappy right around now.

Please don't make me downgrade Acrobat Reader before you install your User Guide.

It's not polite. Besides, I won't do it. And if you hide your User Guide on your web site, you'll get another support call from me. Just because you can't be bothered to install a dang PDF doesn't mean that I'll let you muck with my applications.

If your PC software is so obviously shoddy, what does that say about your router software?

I know, I know, these are different projects, run by different teams. I also know that the PC software group really isn't your A Team. But when your PC software simply doesn't handle errors or unexpected conditions, it suggests that your router software doesn't, either.

Now, I actually don't think that this is the case. I actually think that your router software is pretty good, even if your PC software is teh suX0Rz. But I think so, I don't know so. You put a Linksys brand on lousy software, you start to pollute the brand.

Hokey Smokes, dude, I'm a long time customer and I'm about spitting nails here. A new customer would have this cute little router back at Wally World by now.

You know what it costs to acquire a new customer. You also know that it's essentially impossible to reacquire a customer who gets so frustrated that he switches to a different brand. This is the second time this has happened to me with your stuff.

Pleasepleaseplease can this be the last?

I only say this because I care.

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