Saturday, December 13, 2008

Stop using Internet Explorer - Really

It's even worse than we thought.
Researchers are warning that the unpatched security vulnerability in Microsoft's Internet Explorer affects more versions of the browser than previously thought, and that steps users must take to prevent exploitation are harder than first published.
Using a new version of Internet Explorer? Doesn't matter.

Using a very old version of Internet Explorer? Doesn't matter.

Using Vista's User Account Control (UAC) protection feature? Doesn't matter.

Set Internet Security to "High" and disable active scripting? Doesn't matter.

Change to a different browser? Yeah, that would work.

Sitemeter tells me that 40% of you are still hooked on IE. I only nag because I care.


AnarchAngel said...

Can we have an equally strong urge for web developers to STOP MAKING WEBSITES THAT ONLY WORK IN INTERNET EXPLORER.

Borepatch said...

Amen to that, Chris.

I recommend Firefox and Opera because (a) there's a lot less malware targeting it and (b) they both have good fidelity (i.e. most web sites work well with them).

Most. Not all.

The biggest problem I encounter is at work. I guess the risk model is less when I'm connecting to an internal company server. But sheesh.

Probably a case of the shoemaker's kids going barefoot. After all, it it were external people, they'd be customers, Customers leaving because "your web site is teh broken" is A Very Bad Thing.

Rafal Los said...

I've been seeing these such warning all over the place and while I normally advocate ditching IE - sometimes it's impractical!

Think of a massive company, standardized on IE, what do you do?

Proxies... that's the answer, that of course assumes we can block this sh**.