Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Orbitz stinks

Ashley at US Air is teh awesome. Orbitz is not.

Orbitz is teh Anti-awesome. Orbitz sucks all the awesome out of the room.

Specifically, while they let you pick your seating assignments, they do not confirm said assignments with the airline. Therefore you have tickets, and think that you have seats. All the airline thinks is that you have tickets, because stupid Orbitz didn't tell them the seats.

This is a bad week to be flying without a seat assignment.

OK, well look, Ted, I hear you say - stuff happens. It's Holiday week, and we all need that little extra bit of patience as a lubricant in a difficult world. Maybe the nice Orbitz phone support man could help. So how's that work out for you?

Not so great, actually. Pretty badly, actually. As in "You're running up my minutes on a call that I'm not going to help you on, and that will give me bad stats."

Unlike Ashley at US Air, who owned the problem and did what was possibe, Orbitz phone guy really wasn't interested. They had their money, and hoped I could sort it out.

So if you want my advise, don't use Orbitz.

In the unlikely event that anyone from Orbitz wants to clarify Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is up, I'm happy to post your side of the story. My email contact is on the link bar on the right hand side of the blog.

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Eagle said...

I spent most of 2006 flying back and forth from NH to AL, and used one service to make my airline, hotel, and auto reservations: Expedia.

Not the lowest prices, but lower than the airline, hotel, and auto sites. Very satisfied.