Sunday, December 14, 2008

Stop using Internet Explorer - Really, really

Look, it's not just me saying this:

The SANS Internet Storm Center reports that hackers are breaking into legitimate Web sites and uploading code that could install data-stealing software on the machine of a user who visits the site using Internet Explorer. SANS's chief technology officer Johannes Ullrich estimates that thousands of sites have been seeded with this exploit to date.

For example, Web security firm Websense reports that hackers have compromised the Chinese Web site for ABIT, the maker of motherboards that power many home computers. So far, the exploits appear to be only stealing online gaming credentials, but SANS and others warn that attackers will likely use this exploit more deftly in the coming days and weeks.

Web sites are getting hacked and exploit code is being loaded right now. The exploit code silently exploits every single version of Internet Explorer. There's no patch, and no word when there will be a patch.

Almost none of the antivirus vendors have protection against the exploits.

Change your browser, or assume that your computer will be full of spyware in a day or two.


the pistolero said...

I use Firefox and Safari myself. I figured they called it Internet Exploder for a reason. ;-)

Mike W. said...

I use firefox and thanks to your recommendation I'm also using Opera now.

Borepatch said...

Mike, glad to hear it!