Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Security Overload

Even for me.

Microsoft released a huge number of fixes in yesterday's Patch Tuesday. You Windows folks should let Windows Update do the hoodoo it do so well. Really.

There are exploits circulating for some of these, so this is no joke. Internet Explorer users, this is a good time to ditch it for Firefox (for day-to-day browsing) and Opera (for financial transactions). Your browser is the #1 entry vector for malware, and Internet Explorer is simply too much of a target for the bad guys.

Lastly (and for the Mac fanboys), get ready for malware. There's nothing magic about Mac (or Linux), and so malware is going to be a part of your future.

Sheesh, this is depressing. I need to get me some Pig Candy. Or Hooch.

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