Monday, December 15, 2008

Cut and Paste for iPhone

It seems that the iPhone does not hape cut and paste because His Steveness thinks it's "inelegant." So no blogging from the phone, please.

So what do legions of JesusPhone™ owners do? Go to Pastebud, which has a massively clever javascript gadget that fixes the phone's biggest epic technical fail.

As The Reg pointed out in our recent overview of Apple hardware, the Jesus Phone's lack of a cut-and-paste capability is one of its more annoying limitations. As we wrote, the lack of cut-and-paste is "a true pain, especially when quoting Web content in emails or moving info from Notes into email messages."

Today, at least part of that limitation has been mitigated with the launch of pastebud, a free service that doesn't require you to download and install anything from the iTunes App Store or to jailbreak Jesus. And it works on either the iPhone or the iPod Touch.

So what's the downside? Well, (both my regular readers see this coming) security is a complete and total nightmare.

More specifically, you have no security. All your clipboard buffers are belong to Pastebud. And not just Pastebud; seems other pastebud users pwn your data, too:
I'm using Pastebud, the new third-party copy-and-paste solution for the iPhone. It's extremely clever, using a Web-based clipboard to get around the fact that Apple doesn't provide one on the phone. Unfortunately, it seems to be giving users access to e-mails that other Pastebud users send to their clipboards.
Gah. Apple, you are teh Sux0Rz. Knock off the "you suck and we hate you" attitude.

Note to Apple Marketing: tell His Steveness that if Google puts Chrome in the App Store, and if it has tabbed browsing and built-in cut and paste, then Google - not you - will deliver the future. And it will be easy to switch to the gPhone.

Note to Google Marketing: Go ahead. This time, it's OK to be Evil.

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Here's a better iPhone copy and paste implementation!