Thursday, September 13, 2012

Regarding Mom

Thanks to everyone who left their good wishes about Mom.  She's really doing pretty well, all things considered.  But it was time for her to stop living alone.  The retirement community is quite nice, and she's happy with that - not being so alone and isolated.  They also have 24/7 medical care in case of emergency, and that makes me happy.

We had quite a good time together.  She's still living quite a bit in the past, but she's functional and hopefully will be for many years.  We had a good time talking, even if we had the same conversation a few times.  But I was glad to help her write out bills and balance her checkbook, cook for her (her freezer is groaning with singer service tupperware), and the like.

It makes me wonder about what it will be like, when my time comes.


chiefjaybob said...

Given the way you treat your boys, and the way you describe them, I doubt you have much to worry about.

agirlandhergun said...

Good to hear she is doing well and has some plans in place.

I am with chiefjaybob...I don't think you have to worry about being cared for well.

Stephen said...

Bless her.

ASM826 said...

You can hope to that there will be someone who loves you and cares about your well being as much as you do your mother's.

Good job, Borepatch, and good posts sharing them with us.

instinct said...

Glad to hear.

I think you will be surrounded by your children who will have been living by your example.