Monday, September 17, 2012

KAMELOT - March Of Mephisto

The boys have been playing this lately.  If you have to bring back Rock Opera (with hair and everything!), then this is doing it up right.

The boys got a copy of Kamelot's album The Black Halo as a gift for Dad.  The whole Faust thing was new to them, but Dad of course gave them a fifty minute soliloquy on Goethe, the Romantic German musical movement from Beethoven through Mahler, and the concept of Temptation, the Fall, and Redemption in Western literature.

You see, the Boys had forgotten that he was a History Professor, and watching the whole thing made me think of dinners long ago when I had made the mistake of asking him about "Turnip" Townsend and got a fifty minute talk on the Agricultural Revolution in 18th Century Britain and its relationship to the Industrial Revolution.

Man, I sure miss those talks, but I love it when the boys play this music.


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Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with studying the industrial revolution and in fact keep your diaries penciled in for 2025 and the 200th year of the first commercial rail road "Stockton to Darlington" in 1825 a freight line. Think on it just 10 years after Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo man had begun a transportation revolution. It could be said that was the start of the modern world.

southtexaspistolero said...

Good stuff. If you like that sort of thing I would also heartily recommend Epica, Nightwish and — perhaps to a lesser extent — Symphony X. (Don't get me wrong. Symphony X is teh awesome. They just don't have as many of the symphonic elements.

Anonymous said...

I'll second Nightwish. Fair warning, though, the male vocals on "Angels Fall First" explain why the group invented "Beauty and the Beast" metal.