Wednesday, September 26, 2012

About those polls showing Obama pulling ahead

Don't believe them for a minute.  I've gone on (at length) about specifically how the polls are weighted in favor of the Democrats.  Today is about why they're weighted that way.

We all know why they're weighted that way.  It's the Media still trying to be relevant, still trying to put their thumb on the scale.  It's what they do, and it's what they've been doing for a long while.  Remember the election of 2010?  Remember the "extremist" "fringe" that was the Tea Party?  Remember how the Tea Party rocked the election?

Remember the August Tea Party rally in Washington, D.C.?  Remember the dismissive reports from the media?  I do - I blogged it back then:

"Look around you. You’re not alone."

Why, there are thousands of you!

Remember the original definition of Bolshevik was "majority", and the term was adopted when they were in the minority. The Media says "thousands" turned out, rather than the "hundreds of thousands" who were there. They want you to think that you're Mensheviks.

This is why they hate Sarah Palin, who speaks - simply and plainly - the Truths That Must Not Be Spoken. They nitpick, because they won't address the important stuff.

UPDATE 28 August 2010 15:28: Case in point: of the first 5 updates in their "live reporting", four were negative (2 on counter protests, 1 on people being treated for heat exhaustion, and a quote from a union guy who didn't like the protest). Did they offer an estimate of crowd size? No. Did they report what the speakers said? No.

And this update is hilarious:
Palin gets huge applause, cheers. Big cheer again when she invokes the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr.
What are participants wearing?
There's a man in a Revolutionary War uniform and three-corner hat. There's a woman with what looks like a fighter jet tattooed to her upper right arm.
There are a number of tea party shirts and a man in a gray T-shirt that says "10th amendment -- our last hope for the preservation of freedom" -- with an "X" over an image of the Capitol dome.
-- Amy Goldstein
Reporting on what the speaker said that got applause? No. But lots about the crowd's fashion sense. I guess that everyone in the Washington Post's newsroom was busy today, and so they sent a reporter from the "Style" section.

It reminds me of the dark joke from right after JFK's killer was shot in the Dallas Police Station:

Q. What did the Dallas Police Chief say when an elephant walked through the Squad Room?

A. Nothing. He didn't notice.

Or perhaps the old saying: If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you do read the newspaper, you're misinformed.

Or perhaps the mot juste is "malinformed". It would be nice if the MSM didn't continually live down to my expectations.

UPDATE 28 August 2010 15:43: The National Park Service estimate is north of 300,000 attendees. The crowd extended all the way from the Lincoln Memorial steps to the Washington Monument. Anyone who's ever walked that distance knows that's a long way. The MSM seems to be mostly missing in action. As I keep saying, the best evidence for media bias isn't what's misreported, but what isn't reported at all. And this might explain that:
If I were part of the liberal elite, I wouldn't be as worried by the historic/racial overtones of the rally. I'd be worried about what it symbolizes: A growing understanding on the part of regular Americans that they should (and need) no longer heed the supposed "wisdom" and "moral authority" of a liberal elite that has nothing but contempt for them.
Word. The Dinosaurs smell a change on the air - and hear the crowd noise, even over on 15th Street NW - and roar their defiance.

UPDATE 28 August 2010 17:07: "Thousands". Whatever:

UPDATE 28 August 2010 22:45: The reason they're all going out of business is that they think we're stupid. Can't block the signal, dudes ...
It's like the climate databases, where the data is "adjusted" and then everyone points to the data and says ZOMG Thermageddon!!!  It's intended to marginalize opposition, to de-legitimize any opposing view.

It's designed to make you feel alone and demoralized.

Don't.  There are thousands showing up for Romney/Ryan rallies, day after day.  It's Obama who can't fill a stadium, where they have to claim a crowd of 18,000 was in an arena that seats 5,000.

Look around you.  There are "thousands" of you, and thousands and thousands and thousands.  Just not in any of the poll samples.  But show up on Election Day, and you'll (once again) rock the vote.


ASM826 said...

They are establishing the expectations so the outcome will look believable.

"It doesn't matter who votes, what matters is who counts the votes".

Chitown said...

It's like the AP a few days ago reporting about an Obama rally that 18,000 showed at a 5,000 seat stadium. There are some uncovered seats at the stadium, but no pictures of the three times over overflow ;)

Anonymous said...

The legacy media are all on the other side. They are the agitation/propaganda arm of the Democrat party.

Read/watch them at your civic peril.