Sunday, September 16, 2012

Jeff van Dyke - Japanese Hichiriki from Shogun Total War 2

#2 Son is taking Japanese at school, and so is fascinated by all things from the Land of the Rising Sun.  Today we're off to the Japan Fest, and so as a warmup we have a typically Japanese mix of the old (traditional musical instruments) and new (computer games).

I've posted before than classical music isn't dead, and in fact is alive and well in Hollywood and in the computer gaming industry.  It may not be filling symphony halls, but it's being played through the ear buds of teenagers across the land every day.

The Hichiriki (double reed flute) is one of the most important of the traditional instruments of Japan, typically used for playing melody (as opposed to accompaniment). Originally brought to Japan from China, it is considered a "sacred" instrument by Shinto priests, and is heard at essentially all Shinto weddings.

The music is modern, composed for the video game.  However, it is doing a fine job of keeping the spirit of Japanese Classical music alive.

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libertyman said...

Wow, they have enough interest to teach Japanese there? More power to him! I can only imagine the feeling of going to a country like Japan or China, not knowing the language, and being illiterate when it came to simple signage. At least other languages allow you to puzzle out the word and make a guess, even with different alphabets.