Sunday, September 9, 2012

Baseball weirdness

The New York Yankees are tied for the lead in the American League East.  This isn't unusual, as the Yankees have the largest payroll in Major League baseball and so attract the biggest talent.  This year is typical, in that the Yankees have scored 83 more runs against their oponents than their opponents have scored against them.  That's how you win.

But here's the weirdness: The Baltimore Orioles are tied with the Yankees for the lead in the AL East.  The Orioles' opponents have scored 19 more runs against them than the Orioles have scored against their opponents.

I don't think I've ever seen a winning team that gives up more runs than they score.


Anonymous said...

It's usually considered a function of luck (e.g. winning a high% of your 1-run games) when actual standings deviate so much from 'Pythagorean'.

Quick check of finds other examples -

2011 SF Giants didn't make the playoffs but were a decent 86-76, yet had a negative run differential (-8)

2007 Arizona won the division with a -20 (!)

2005, no NL West teams scored more runs than they allowed. San Diego won the division with 82-80 record.


I guess what's weird this time is that it's not happening in the NL West! ;)

Unknown said...

As an O's fan i must say when we win its usually by a run or so and when we lose its horrible.some want to say its luck but ive seen more smart baseball played here than i ever had and hey rather be lucky than good sometimes

Dave H said...

That's the problem with comparing runs vs. wins. You could lose only one game in a season, but regardless of whether you lose by one run of ten, it's still only one loss. And a team's standing is based on wins and losses.

Like they say in politics (about voting districts), "If you're going to lose, lose big."

Laura said...

I'm still wondering where the city's hiding the time machine. 1997 is a year I didn't expect to see again.