Friday, September 28, 2012

Calvin and Hobbes, now with bacon

because everything's better with bacon!  Imagine Calvin and Hobbes fast forwarded 26 years.  Calvin is married, and has a daughter named bacon.  One day, he introduces her to Hobbes.  You're welcome.

Hobbes and Bacon 1
Hobbes and Bacon 2
Hobbes and Bacon 3
Hobbes and Bacon 4


Dwight Brown said...

I like these very much, but they do raise questions that trouble me:

Who is he supposed to be married to? Could that be an older version of Susie? Or some random woman he met in college? Part of me thinks she looks like an older Susie.

And part of me thinks the way she's drawn, she looks kind of like his mom did in the old strips. (Not that I am implying anything untoward, but it is a well-known biological fact that I just pulled out of my neither regions that guys tend to marry women who look somewhat like their mothers.)

Firehand said...

Yes! Calvin & Hobbes continue!

With electronic Baconball, no doubt.

Now, add a baby to the mix...

kahr40 said...

That is cool. I hope Waterson doesn't nip in the bud.

Yes, I think the wife is Susie.

RabidAlien said...


Amiable Dorsai said...

"Mr. Bun" is the giveaway. That's Susie's old stuffed rabbit.

Ken said...