Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Yesterday started at 0700 with a walk for Wolfgang.  It didn't cover a lot of ground, because he seems never to have been on a leash before reporting for duty at Camp Borepatch and do every ten yards saw another round of cajoling encouragement.

Then off for the office.  Then home at 1815, and start pizza dough rising.  Then off to the dog park with #2 Son, Wolfgang, and Ivan the Terrier.  Puppy play with the other puppies FTW.

Then home, make pizza, and find out that #2 Son has a project due the next day.  Help him with PowerPoint until 2145.  Then hang out with Crash the Wondercat who's getting over his do not want with the puppy and has been a bit starved for affection the last few days.

Yikes, I'm tired.  It's nice to be needed, but I'm not used to this.


Rev. Paul said...

My Ozarks grandfather used to say, "It's always too 'nuff or too none." Took me awhile to figure out what he meant; you've discovered it, too. :)

nightfly said...

Our Official Dog, when just a puppy, wouldn't walk anywhere on a leash either. I was forced to pick her up and carry her to the corner so she would then be forced to walk back.

Now I can't get her to stop. She loves her walkies.

This is likely no real option for you, seeing as how at five months your still-growing Shep is larger than my Shih-Tzu. If it makes you feel better, though, yours will be much easier to train in all the basics. Mine's smart enough, but like many of her breed, she's a stubborn cuss when she has a mind to be.