Friday, July 13, 2012

The gallery of obsolete computer technology

Popular demand was for me to post the "How to write C in Ada" thing I have squirreled away.  Unfortunately, it seems that it's secret squirreled away, because I haven't found it yet.  But I did find this.  The kids won't understand any of this, but old farts like me might get a chuckle.

Unfortunate Assembler Commands

DO        Divide and Overflow
RASC    Read And Shred Card
SRSD    Seek Record and Scar Disc
BST      Backspace and Stretch Tape
RIRG    Read Inter-Record Gap
HCF     Halt and Catch Fire
BPO     Branch on Power Off
RCR     Rewind Card Reader
SRCD   Seek Record and Score Drum
RD       Rewind Drum
PD       Punch Drum
PO       Punch Operator
FCJ     Feed Card and Jam (note: I had a bunch of these, Back In The Day)
LC      Loop Continuous (sadly, I had more than a couple of these, too)


North said...

Quite obviously you have a RISC device.

AAAH Add And Automatically Halt
AAC Alter All Commands
AAN Add Ad Nauseam
AAR Alter At Random
AARTZ Add And Reset To Zero
AB Add Backwards
ACM Automatically Clear Memory
ADG Add Garbage
AIB Attack Innocent Bystander
ARRN Add and Reset to Random Number
AWTT Assemble With Tinker Toys
BAC Branch to Alpha Centauri
BAF Blow All Fuses
BAFL Branch And Flush
BAH Branch And Hang
BB Branch on Bug
BBBF Branch on Bit Bucket Full
BBC Branch Before Compare
BBIL Branch on Blown Indicator Light
BBL Branch on Burnt Out Light
BBO Branch on Bathtub Overflow
BBT Branch on Binary Tree
BBW Branch Both Ways
BCF Branch on chip box full
BCH Branch on carry flag at half mast
BCIL Branch Creating Infinite Loop
BD Backspace Disk
BDC Break Down and Cry
BDT Burn Data Tree
BEW Branch Either Way
BF Belch Fire
BFA Branch to False Assumption
BH Branch and Hang
BKCRDR Backspace Card Reader
BKO Branch and Kill Operator
BKSPD Backspace Disk
BKTPIR Break Tape In Reverse
BLI Branch if Loop Infinite
BLMNF BLow Main Fuse
BLPIN Branch and Loop Indefinite
BMR Branch Multiple Registers
BOB Branch On Bug
BOBI Branch On Blinking Indicator
BOBOI Branch On Blown Indicator
BOCBF Branch On Chip-Box Full
BOD Beat On Drum
BOHP Bribe Operator for Higher Priority
BOI Byte Operator Immediately
BOPLT Burn Out Pilot Lights
BOPO Branch On Power Off
BOSO Branch On Sleepy Operator
BOXMS Branch On Index Missing
BPB Branch on Program Bug
BPDI Be Polite, Don't Interrupt
BPE Bypass Program Error
BPECK Bypass Error Check
BPM Branch on the Phase of the Moon
BPO Branch on Power Off
BRPCB Burp and Clear Bytes
BRSS Branch on Sunspot
BS Branch Sometimes
BSC Branch on Short Circuit
BSCH Break Selected Channel
BSO Branch on sleepy operator
BST Backspace and Stretch Tape
BTI Blow Trumpet Immediately
BW Branch on Whim
BYCRE Bypass Core

North said...

CBS Crash Bothersome Source-code
CDC Close Disk Cover
CDHI Crash Disk Head Immediate
CDIOOAZ Calm Down, It's Only Ones And Zeroes
CEMU Close Eyes and Monkey With User Space
CH Creat Havoc
CIRM Circulate Memory
CLBR Clobber Register
CLBRI Clobber Register Immediately
CM Circulate Memory
CMBG Create Machine Bug
CMD Compare Meaningless Data
CML Compute Meaning of Life
CNB Cause Nervous Breakdown
CNFM Confuse Memory
CNFOP Confuse Operator
COLB Crash for Operator's Lunch Break
CPAR Crumple Paper and Rip
CPB Create Program Bug
CRASH Continue Running After Stop or Halt
CRB Crash and Burn
CRDT CReate Data
CRE Create Random Error
CRN Convert to Roman Numerals
CS Crash System
CSL Curse and Swear Loudly
CTRNS Convert To Roman Numerals
CU Convert to Unary
CUN Cancel all User Numbers
CVG Convert to Garbage
CVUME Cover Up Machine Errors
CWOM Complement Write-Only Memory
CZZC Convert Zone to Zip Code
DAC Divide and Crash
DADL Disable Address and Data Lines
DAMIT Transfer Control to Perdition
DAO Divide and Overflow
DAX Divide and Explode
DBTP Drop Back Ten and Punt
DBZ Divide By Zero
DC Divide and Conquer
DCTCB Dump Core To Chad Box
DD Destroy disk
DDC Dally During Calculations
DMWH Dump Map of Western Hemisphere
DESSPK Destroy Storage Protect Key
DEVIA Develop Ineffective Address
DITCK Drop Into Check
DLN Don't Look Now...
DLTCR Delete Core
DMNS Do What I Mean, Not What I Say
DMPE Decide to Major in Phys Ed.
DMPK Destroy Memory Protect Key
DMV Double Mains Voltage
DNPG Do Not Pass Go
DO Divide and Overflow
DOC Drive Operator Crazy
DPGM Destroy Program
DPK Destroy Storage Protect Key
DPMI Declare Programmer Mentally Incompetent
DRPBTS Drop Bits
DSTME Destroy Memory
DTC Destroy This Command
DTE Decrement Telephone Extension
DTVFL Destroy Third Variable From Left
DW Destroy World
DZSR Divide by Zero and Store Remainder
EBB Edit and Blank Buffer
ECO Electrocute Computer Operator
ECP Erase card punch
ED Eject disk
EDB Execute Disable Bit
EDPMAB Electrocute DP Manager And Branch
EFD Emulate Frisbee Using Disk Pack
EIAO Execute In Any Order
EIOC Execute Invalid Opcode
EIS Encrypt Instruction Set
EJCAB Eject Chad Box
EJD Eject Disk
EMCP Eject Math Co-processor
EMPC Emulate Pocket Calculator
EMSE Edit and Mark Something Else
EMW Emulate Maytag Washer
EN Emulate Nintendo
ENF Emit Noxious Fumes
EP Execute Programmer
EPE Execute Program Error
EPI Execute Programmer Immediately
EPMAS Erase Protected Memory Areas
ERCDP Erase Card Punch
ERCDS Erase Cards
ERD Eject Removable Disk
EROS Erase Read-Only Storage
ERPTW Erase Print Wheel
ERROS Erase Read Only Storage
ETCRD Eat Card
EXIOC Execute Invalid Op Code
EXOP Execute Operator
EXOPI Execute Operator Immediately

North said...

FDCDJ Feed Card and Jam
FLI Flash Lights Impressively
FSG Fill Screen with Garbage
FSM Fold, Spindle and Mutilate
GCAR Get Correct Answer Regardless
GDP Grin Defiantly at Programmer
GFD Go Forth and Divide
GFM Go Forth and Multiply
GLPSB Gulp and Store Bytes
GPAER Generate Parity Error
HCF Halt and catch fire
HCP Hide Central Processor
HSO Halt and Sterilize Operator
IAD Illogical AND
IAE Ignore All Exceptions
IAI Inquire And Ignore
IBP Insert Bug and Proceed
IFKTR Initiate Fake-out Routine
IGSPC Ignore Supervisor Call
II Interrupt and ignore
IIB Ignore Inquiry and Branch
IISH Ignore Interrupt And Hang
IL Infinite loop
ILLAD Illogical AND
ILLOR Illogical OR
ILPS Invert Logical Power Supply
INVRB Invert Record and Branch
IOR Illogical OR
IPS Ignite Power Supply
IRB Invert record and branch
IRT Ignore write-protect tab
ISC Insert Sarcastic Comments
ISR Illogical Shift to the Right
ITLKC Interlock Core
JDO Jump and Destroy Operator
JMKYP Jam Keypunches
JTC Jump To Conclusions
JTZ Jump to Twilight Zone
KCE Kill Consultant on Error
LAP Laugh At Programmer
LCC Load and Clear Core
LED Load and Erase Data
LGOWY Load and Go Away
LHOS Load Hostile Operating System
LIA Load Ineffective Address
LMB Lose Message and Branch
LPA Lead Programmer Astray
LPCON Loop Continuous
LRI Lose Register Immediate
MAZ Multiply Answer by Zero
MBF Multiply and be Fruitful
MDB Multiply and Drop Bits
MDRBT Move and Drop Bits
MLR Move and Lose Record
MST Mount Scotch Tape
MTI Make Tape Invalid
MVAR Move to Random Address
MVCON Move Continuous
MVLR Move and Lose Record
MVWRC Move and Wrap Core
MW Malfunction Whenever
MWAG Make Wild-Assed Guess
MWC Move and warp core
MWT Malfunction Without Telling

North said...

NPN No program necessary
OCS Overwrite code segment
OHS Order Ham Sandwich
OOHH Only On Half-hours
OOS Override operating system
P$*! Punch Obsenity
PBC Print and Break Chain
PBS Pop Before Stacking
PCHD Punch Disk
PCHOP Punch Operator
PD Play Dead
PDKBN Punch Disk Binary
PDM Play Drum Memory
PDSK Punch Disk
PEHC Punch Extra Holes in Cards
PFD Punt on Fourth Down
PINV Punch Invalid
PLSC Perform Light Show on Console
PM Punch Memory
PNRP Print Nasty Replies to Programmer
PO Punch operator
POCL Punch Out Console Lights
POF Print On Fly
POPI Punch Operator Immediately
PPS Push or Pop Stack
PPSW Pack Program Status Word
PRANB Pick up Random Bits
PRSMR Print and Smear
PS!@* Print Obscenity
PSD Pause and smoke dope
PSI Print and Smear Ink
PVLC Punch Variable Length Card
RA Randomize Answer
RASC Read and Shred Card
RBAFG Read Binary And Forget
RBT Rewind and Break Tape
RCB Read Command Backwards
RCDRD Rewind Card Reader
RCDSCD Read Card and Scramble Data
RCR Rewind card reader
RCS Read card and scramble data
RCSD Read Card and Scramble Deck
RCTKG Read Count Key and Garbage
RD Reverse Direction
RDA Refuse to Disclose Answer
RDB Run Disk Backwards
RDBR Read Bad Record
RDCBX Read Chad Box
RDCHS Read Chaos
RDI Reverse Disk Immediate
RDIRG Read Inter Record Gap
RDS Read Sideways
REDTH Reduce Throughput
REIMT Reinitialize Meter
REPAB Reverse Parity And Branch
REWFR Rewind Forward
RID Read Invalid Data
RIM Read Instruction Manual
RIODNR Rotate Input/Output Device Numbers Randomly
RLI Rotate Left Indefinitely
RNR Read Noise Record
ROC Randomize Op Codes
ROLPR Rewind On-Line Printer
ROM Read operator's mind
ROO Rub Out Operator
RPBL Read Print and Blush
RPI Reverse Priority of Interrupts
RPLT Read from Plotter
RPM Read Programmer's Mind
RPTR Read from Printer
RRCR Rotate Right Cash Register
RRR Read Record and Run Away
RRR Rotate Right Randomly
RRT Record and Rip Tape
RSC Read and Shred Card
RSC Rewind System Clock
RSD Read and Scramble Data
RSD Read and Self Destruct
RSO Resume on stack overflow
RSTOM Read From Store-only Memory
RT Reduce throughput
RTS Return To Sender
RVDOD Reverse Drum Or Disk
RVDRI Reverse Drum Immediate
RWBKT Rewind and Break Tape
RWCR Rewind Card Reader
RWDSK Rewind Disk
RWM Rewind Memory
RWRT Read While Ripping Tape
RWTOD Rewind Tape Onto Disk
RWWRT Read and Write While Ripping Tape

North said...

SAI Skip All Instructions
SARTZ Subtract And Reset To Zero
SAS Sit And Spin
SC Scramble channels
SCCA Short Circuit on Correct Answer
SCCHS Scramble Channels
SCDTA Scatter Data
SCMRY Scatter Memory
SCPR Scatter Print Record
SCPSW Scatter Program Status Word
SD Scatter Deck
SDRB Search and Destroy Register Byte
SFH Set Flags to Half-mast
SFRA Skip Forms and Run Away
SFT Stall For Time
SHAB Shift a Bit
SHLBM Shift a Little Bit More
SHLPN Sharpen Light Pencil
SKRSD Seek Record and Scratch Disk
SLC Shift Left Continuous
SLD Slip Disk
SLP Sharpen Light Pen
SMR Skip on Meaningless Result
SNC Skip Next Command
SOS Sign off, Stupid
SOSAJ Select Output Stacker And Jam
SOT Sit on a Tack
SPOFF Switch processor off
SPON Switch processor on
SPRDK Shuffle Program Deck
SPS Set Panel Switches
SPSW Scramble Program Status Word
SPT Scramble Protected Tapes
SQPC Sit Quietly and Play With Your Crayons
SQSW Scramble Program Status Word
SRCC Select Reader and Chew Cards
SRDR Shift Right Double Ridiculous
SRSD Seek Record and Scratch Disk
SRZ Subtract and Reset to Zero
SSD Seek and Scratch Disk
SSJ Select Stacker and Jam
SST Stop and Stretch Tape
STA Store Anywhere
STB Stretch Tape Binary
STROM Store in Read-only Memory
STUP Stacker Upset
TAB Throw away byte
TADBT Transfer And Drop Bits
TAM Transfer Accumulator to Minneapolis
TARC Take Arithmetic Review Course
TCLSR Transfer Control and Lose Return
TCTDK Transfer Control To Disk
TCTOL Transfer Control To Overhead Lights
TCTPL Transfer Control To Pilot Lights
TCTWS Transfer Control To Wall Socket
TDB Transfer and Drop Bits
TLO Turn Indicator Lights Off
TMTDK Transfer Monitor To Disk
TN Take a Nap
TPDEC Triple Pack Decimal
TPDH Tell Programmer to Do it Him/Herself
TPF Turn Power Off
TPN Turn Power On
TPO Turn power off
TPR Tear Paper
TRAHG Transfer And Hang
TRDB Transfer And Drop Bits
TRSCH Trap Secretary and Halt
TSE Test and Swap if Equal
TSTT Test a Bit for Two
TTA Try, Try Again
TVT Test vacuum tubes
UCB Uncouple CPU and Branch
UCCS Use Chinese Character Set
UER Update and Erase Record
UINDA Use Inverse Digital Array
ULDA Unload Accumulator
UMH Use Mains Voltage as Logic High
UP Understand Program
UPC Uncouple Program Counter
UPCI Update Card In Place
UPERR Update and Erase Record
WB Wait for Bus
WBT Water Binary Tree
WCTKG Write Count Key and Garbage
WED Write and Erase Data
WEMG Write Eighteen Minute Gap
WF Wait Forever
WHFO Wait Until Hell Freezes Over
WI Write Illegibly
WID Write Invalid Data
WMTAE Write Memory, Transfer, And Erase
WNR Write Noise Record
WPM Write Programmer's Mind
WRC Write on Read-Cycle
WRS Write to ROM storage
WSWW Work in Strange and Wonderous Ways
WWLR Write Wrong-Length Record
XIO Execute Invalid Opcode
XIP Execute Invalid Program
XMAS Execute Main Areas of Storage
XNH Execute No-op and Hang
XPR Execute Programmer
XSP Execute Systems Programmer
XUI Execute Undefined Instruction
ZAR Zero Any Register

Dirk said...

I can barely remember what these commands are *supposed* to do, but I swear, sometimes the listed description sure looked like what they were *actually* doing!

Yeah... I programmed in Assembler. Waaaaaay back when. Using punchcards, and waiting for output from the "express" printer.

Old NFO said...

LOL, brings back memories... I 'think'...

Dave H said...

You guys forgot a couple of my favorites:

MO - Mount Operator
DTRT - Do The Right Thing

Other than a quarter of FORTRAN in school (which counted as a foreign language credit!), all of my programming has been on micros. My first project as a full timer used the RCA 1802 processor, which was used by the dozens at JPL. All the deep space probes in the 80s and 90s had 'em on board because they were inherently more resistant to radiation than anything else available at the time.

The 1802 had an instruction we called Halt and Catch Fire. What it actually did was decrement the instruction pointer. Which the processor would then increment, fetch the same instruction, and do it again. It was the world's tightest infinite loop.

North said...

Dave! The 1802 was on the COSMAC VIP! I wonder if any of those dev boards still run?

Dave H said...

GBBL: They probably do if you blow the dust and mouse droppings off of them. They were pretty simple systems.

Borepatch said...

You guys crack me up. You're as geeky as I am.

Wally said...

Wow. I retired my last tape system a year ago, but still do have a device that punches. Granted, now it's at least to a file on a PC not 1" paper, but I still got a hell of a laugh from this one.