Thursday, July 5, 2012

The obligatory Independence Day fireworks "Hold mah beer" post

Well, we don't know that beer was involved, but there's a good chance:
Fireworks for Bainbridge Island's [Washington State - Borepatch] Fourth of July show, along with fireworks for neighboring Poulsbo's show, were packed, organized and stored ready to go in a container at an auto-wrecking yard a few miles away. Then, authorities say, the operator of the wrecking yard decided to go outside and try out his new rifle.

This is the part of the story where everybody winces.

"One of the shots hit a junk car in his yard and must've ricocheted and struck the (container) that contained $80,000 worth of fireworks. Well, within about a second the box contained no explosives," said Ron Krell of Viking Fest, who is helping organize Poulsbo's 3rd of July show. "It exploded, and we had the greatest fireworks show you ever would have wanted to not see."
It seems that Our Hero was zeroing his new boom stick at 1:00 AM.  Me, I'm voting that beer was involved.

It seems that this part of the Great State of Washington was most recently in the news when a gentleman there tried to loosen a reluctant lug nut with a 12 gauge, with hilarious results.

To my readers in Washington State, I'm relieved that you had a safe Independence Day ...



ProudHillbilly said...

Yep. "Hold mah beer" moments for sure.

Jay G said...

RIGHT. It "ricocheted". And MAGICALLY happened to hit the container of fireworks.

OR, as our good friend Occam would say, he was shooting at the container wondering what would happen if he hit it.

More than likely a friendly wager over a pint...

"Bob, I bet if you hit that container with your .30-06 it'd go off"

"Ah, no way in hell Fred"

"Betcha $50 it will!"

"You're on!"



"here's your $50"...

Borepatch said...

"Here's your $50. And your beer."


Alan said...

I'm skeptical. Most bullets won't set anything on fire since they're made of copper and lead.

I bet there's a lot more to the story than what we're hearing.

Anonymous said...

The article at the second link is absolutely hilarious.