Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mark your calendar: Dallas Area Blogshoot II

Bob S is putting his Community Organizing skills to a productive use (as opposed to a different Community Organizer we could name).  Specifically, he's putting together a follow on to the wildly successful Dallas Blogshoot.  And he's doing this up, Texas Style:
Date – Saturday Sept 15th for the Dinner and Sunday Sept 16 for the shoot.
My thought on this is to give people time to drive in or over to the dinner on Saturday night without having to hurry after work. And there are a couple of people who can not make a Saturday shoot for various reasons.
Man, I'm heartily sick of I-20, but this looks insanely fun.  If you're in the area, give it a try - the last one was more fun than you're allowed to have in Massachusetts, by a damn sight.

Ideally Bob will post range rules on what sort of targets - the last one allowed Tannerite targets, and I had the chance to pick some up at the Gun Show and passed on it.  I mean, I'd never been to a range that allowed 'splody targets; then again, I'd never been to a range in Dallas.  Ranges in the other, lesser, 49 States can do things how they like.  The explosions are bigger in Texas.


agirlandhergun said...

Wished I lived closer. So many bloggers out that way.

Theredneckengineer said...

We are holding it at my gun club this time, and tannerite is allowed at that range as well, as are machine guns and pretty much everything else.

You should try to make the trip! This one promises to be an even bigger bash than the first one.

Thanks for letting everyone know!

Rick C said...

Are blog _commenters_ allowed?

Borepatch said...

Theredneckengineer, we'll have to see how that settles out. It would absolutely be fun, but it's 14 hours each way.

Rick C, go leave a comment over at Bob's. I'd be kind of shocked if he said no.

Bob S. said...


Thanks for the shout out and you are always welcome.

Blog commenters are absolutely welcome; just let us know you are coming so we don't leave the rally point without you.

Theredneckengineer said...

Yup, I know about I-20.
I drove to Macon, Georgia and back (from Dallas) in 30-something hours a few months ago.
I got pretty sick of seeing that highway.
We'd love to have you, though, and you should know that you never need an invitation. You've always got extended blog family here in Tejas.

Rick C,

I'll second Bob S. comment. We don't discriminate.
Just shoot Bob S. a comment on his blog if you plan to attend, so we can get a decent head count for reservations at the restaurant Saturday night, and so I know what we'll need set up at the range.

RabidAlien said...

Aaaaaaaaawesome! The Mrs. and I may have to adjust some of the stuff on the calendar....probably won't hit the restaurant Saturday, and won't be able to get to the range until after noon on Sunday (I work at church, don't get out until 12, 12:15 ish), but we'd love to come!

Texas Sean said...

Well, we missed the last one and maybe if we work it all out, we'll make this one! Wonderful for you folks to organize such.