Friday, July 13, 2012

Three commas

That's what's in the number that will be what Penn State pays out in settlements to the kids that were molested by their football program - JoePa, specifically, and with the connivance of their University President and the Trustees of the University:
Freeh made the report of his eight-month investigation public earlier Thursday and said the board did not perform its necessary oversight duties in the case, which allowed senior university officials, including ex-president Graham Spanier and the late coach, Joe Paterno, to conceal Sandusky's activities.

Peetz and Frazier acknowledged board members did not ask the right questions of Spanier and allowed the former president to frame the case as something that was not as serious as it turned out to be. "We did not press the issue," Frazier said.

Because of that connivance.  The report on the matter leaves absolutely no doubt about whether the University knew and could have put a stop to it.  Holy cow, the ex-President and the individual Trustees are all fixin' to be personally ruined financially by the lawsuits.  The heirs of Joe Pa will likely have to give back everything they inherited from his estate.

And quite frankly, all this should happen.  Voltaire said it best: Dans ce pay-ci, il est bon de tuer de temps en temps un amiral pour encourager les autres.

We find it useful to kill an Admiral every now and then, to encourage the others.

Jerry Sandusky, Frank Beck is keeping the coals glowing in Hell in anticipation of your arrival.


agirlandhergun said...

These kinds of stories completely astound me. Jerry Sandusky should rot in hell, he is a scumbag, but the ones that really get me are the bystanders. Really, they thought this was no big thing. Not worth saying something. They have children, and hearts I would assume and they did nothing. I don't get it. Who sits by for years and years and does nothing?!

Old NFO said...

AND they should get the death penalty from the NCAA, just sayin...

ASM826 said...

I think you could make a case that Sandusky is a very sick man with a problem that should result in him being locked away for the rest of his life. I also think you could make the same case for the Catholic priests that committed similar crimes.

I think the greater crime/sin, the one that deserves to be prosecuted both criminally and civilly to the fullest, is the crime of knowing about this abuse and choosing to cover it up to protect organizations and the "good name" of the Church/university. Because they knew it was wrong. They had no psychological pressure, it was purely a calculation on their part that the lives of these children and other children that would be abused in the future were not worth protecting if it came at any cost to the institution.

Penn State should renounce football, now and forever. Then they should have their endowments raided to pay the victims. The individuals involved should be criminally charged and then sued into ruin.

Yea, and the Catholic Church? Same-same.

Pachydermis2 said...

Unlike all the Penn State figures named and shamed above (and I agree they deserve all they gots comin' and then some), the Admiral Voltaire was referring to was probably only guilty of bad luck and inept provisioning.

For his failure to relieve Fort Mahon John Byng gets shot. The French, how typical, commemorated their victory by inventing a new sauce...Mayonaise.


Ken O said...

That won't happen because college sports are "for the children". Remember, you are a child to 26 now.

Anonymous said...

What OldNFO said. Since the University profitted during the abuses, the University should pay by losing a major cash cow. Joe Paterno, there is your legacy - Penn State losing the program you spent your life creating, because you didn't want some "bad publicity".

Goober said...

girlandgun - do nothing, hell. They actually actively covered for the bastard.

I can't figure out who is worse here - the guy with the mis-wired brain that made him crave boys that followed through on that urge, or the guys with perfectly normal brains who covered for guy A because he was a good football coach.

Screw them all with a rusty chainsaw. Bastards.

Sabra said...

Heard quite a bit about this on the radio yesterday. Apparently Paterno's heirs are saying he never could have done something of the sort. Well, he did, so obviously they were wrong. I have sympathy for them if this was a side of him they never saw, but chances are they were all well aware that football took primacy in his life.

The whole thing is disgusting, and I have no problems saying the purportedly-normal folks who covered it up are just as culpable as the man who committed the crimes.

agirlandhergun said...

Goober- good point. I stand corrected.

Anonymous said...

They will just up tuition charges to cover this, the University will not suffer just a bunch of kids who never had anything to do with any of this.