Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's National Mock A Leftie Day

Just because.  Me, I'm targeting those insufferable snobs who look down on your plastic supermarket bags.

So mock away.


Jay G said...

*Every* day is mock-a-leftie day.

Some are just more equal than others...

Broken Andy said...

I do actually take my own bags to the grocery store mostly because I like them better and a part of me does dislike the waste. Though sometimes I want those grocery store plastic bags because I use them for other things once I get home.

But it is crap like this that makes me feel ashamed for doing it. Now I want to go grab as many plastic bags as possible and litter them in the parking lot. I hate pretentious pricks that do these things.

Dan said...

I have to have plastic bags from the grocery store. We are allowed to share a house with two cats that demand we empty their boxes, and I put that shit in grocery store plastic bags. Annabelle and Dave require that I do.

Unknown said...

We *pay* for plastic bags, in a government attempt to stop them from blowing all over the Cape Flats.

It's as successful as most government attempts at most things.

Tim Minchin is seriously into social sattire, but if you don't know that the clip might be a bit... subtle.