Wednesday, July 25, 2012

An actual recommendation fot Mitt Romney

Sort of.  Whiskey says that Romney is a lot tougher than his cuddly exterior suggests:
Mitt Romney is not John McCain. That is something that Obama and company discovered in the “War of the Dogs.” Obama has used the fact that Romney, loading five kids, himself, and his wife in a station wagon, put the family dog in a dog carrier on the top of the car during a family vacation. It polled horribly in focus groups, and made the participants immediately have negative feelings about Romney. So, Romney’s aides went on Twitter and posted Obama’s own words in “Dreams from My Father: A Story of RACE AND INHERITANCE” about eating dog. Also, snake and grasshopper. While growing up in Indonesia. While that revelation makes Obama seem even cooler to SWPL-hipsters, for everyone else it is repulsive and more evidence of how alien and out of touch Obama is. Game, set, and match to Romney. Even the MSNBC morning crew were laughing at Obama. Eating dog beats putting the family dog on top of a crowded station wagon, in a carrier. What kind of American eats Dog? No kind, and that was the message of the laughter.
Can't argue with his post.  My problem with Mitt is that he's a statist prick, big government type.  Sorry, got all I can use.  Whisky actually touches on this nerve in a different post (and one that made me pretty uncomfortable, although I think he's right in the broad brush strokes) - the middle and working classes have come to deeply distrust government as it has degenerated into Anarcho-tyranny:
No one among the White middle class trusts the state. The late Sam Francis argued that the State among modern Western nations is basically Anarcho-Tyranny, a point echoed (though he likely never heard of the man) extensively in “Life at the Bottom” by Theodore Dalrymple, the pen name of British conservative author and former NHS and Prison doctor Anthony Daniels (no relation to the Star Wars actor who voiced 3CP0).

The State refuses to take any action that impacts key voting blocs: Blacks and Hispanics in the US, Muslims in Europe, when they violate the law. You can see this in action with LAPD Chief Charlie Beck urging driving licenses for illegal aliens and no longer impounding their cars after drunk driving arrests. Don’t worry, White drunk drivers will CERTAINLY have their cars taken. And meanwhile, the City of Los Angeles bans plastic grocery bags, fines people for putting the wrong things in their recycle bins, or even arrests them, and conducts fairly intrusive pat-downs of elderly White grandmas and White toddlers at LAX (note: that never happens to those who have Jessie Jackson, the NAACP, Urban League, La Raza, and Tony Villaraigosa on speed dial).
Quite frankly, this is why talk of "shared sacrifice" go nowhere.  Sacrifice is not shared, because favored groups are exempted.  Look at the ObamaCare waivers, granted at the discretion of the Secretary of HHS.  Anyone who thinks there is no quid pro quo for the waivers is hopelessly naive.

What's interesting is that Obama's 2008 campaign, where he ran as a Good Government, above-the-fray centrist has only deepened this cynicism.  It may be that Progressives will take a generation to recover from the Obama narcissistic dream, if they ever do. 


Mark said...

The problem here is you think this is an election between Obama and Romney. That was the primary. The general election is sold as top vs top, but that's a fiction.

It isn't. It's mostly about from which party the 250k government regulators that get replaced each election (and in your case whether you think more small gubmit Tea Party members will be found in the GOP or the Democrat lists). If you find a difference there vote accordingly.

Oh, I guess it's also about whether Stevens and Scalia retire in the next term.

lelnet said...

"Anyone who thinks there is no quid pro quo for the waivers is hopelessly naive."

There's no quid pro quo. Quid pro quo would be an improvement, because then ordinary people could escape from it by paying bribes.

Voting for Mitt Romney isn't so much about thinking that he's on my side out of conviction (yeah, right!) as about observing from his behavior that he's absolutely committed to making sure the country _thinks_ he's on my side. Which, I expect, will look a lot more like being actually on my side than has the performance of any other national Republican since Reagan.

If conservatives don't keep him reminded that he owes us, he'll drift to the left. Which makes him _exactly the same_ as every single person who was running against him in the primaries, except maybe Ron Paul, and I'm not even 100% sure about Paul.

If you're hoping for a man of genuine principle to be elected President...well, good luck with that. At this point in history, the best we can hope for is a ruthless political fighter who can be periodically reminded of which side his bread is buttered on.

Anonymous said...

Go to certain restaurants and order the special Beef you will discover that yes Lassie is sometimes on the menu in the USA.

Rick C said...

White drunk drivers having cars impounded while illegal aliens don't sounds like a great discrimination lawsuit.