Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I spent all me money on whiskey and beer

2cents and I go back a long, long way - we've been friends since Elementary School.  At our age* it's a rare thing to have a friend from that far back.  Most people grow apart over the years - he and I though share a certain irresponsibility, I guess, that keeps us forever young.**

But in the 1980s, he and I spent far, far too many evenings in pubs [I pause here to let the shouts of "No!" and "Never" die down].  In particular, we haunted Barstan's Pub in Orono, Maine - a couple doors down from Pat's Pizza.  They'd get live Irish music, and 2cents and I would drink Jameson's until the Irish rose from the dead.

There's a grounding in memory that you get from music, and this song is one that instantly transports me back to that smoky basement, with a table covered in shot glasses.  We both had hair then, but the memories keep those locks dark, full, and thick.

And if you're interested in young Borepatch dirt, you should be reading 2cents every day.  Not that you'd want dirt on Borepatch.  Not you.  Nope.

* He is, as he will rush to point out, younger than I am.

** you will note, no doubt, that he's still younger than I am.


NotClauswitz said...

Lucky to know someone/anyone that long as in, "May you live in Lucky Times" - or something. Often they simply know too much to bear. Every now and then I'm reminded of a friend from Pre-School who aws tragically struck-down and killed by his family station-wagon backing down the drive. He didn't make it to 2nd Grade. Then we went Overseas and Elementary School basically disappeared.
I worked with his sister thirty-five years later at Stan-Fu, a real Irish Catholic sweetheart.

libertyman said...

Wondered where Steve Romanoff was during this performance. Sad that only Chuck (on the left ) is the only one of the four in the clip still alive. I will ask Steve when I see him about that performance, I think it was in Milwaukee.

Great music and great fun.

cowboy said...
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