Monday, July 30, 2012

Holy cow, the nightly news is totally biased

I know, I know, pictures at 11 ...

It's likely been ten years since I've watched the Nightly News.  I wasn't feeling well yesterday, and so just hung out watching the Olympics.  It's a truism that it's more interesting watching the Olympics during the day, rather than in Prime Time, because you see things like rowing and the awards ceremony for shotgunning, which is a lot more interesting.

But then the news comes on.  Holy cow, the bias isn't dialed up to 11, it's dialed up to 12.  The first three stories on NBC, via Brian Williams:

1. Mitt Romney's "gaffe" in the UK.  The nature of the "gaffe" is not really explained.  It seems to me that he said something entirely sensible  - the UK has made a mess of the Olympics planning (as basically everyone in the UK admits). But the tone of tut tut tut was palpable.

2.  Mitt Romney's "gaffe" in Israel.  The nature of the "gaffe" is not really explained.  It seems to me that he said something entirely sensible - that Iran needs to know that America stands with Israel.  But the tone of tut tut tut was palpable. But the tone of tut tut tut was palpable, including the "he's trying to peel voters away from Obama."  Err, pictures at 11?

3. An obligatory Newsweek cover shout-out reference: Is Mitt Romney a wimp?  The juxtaposition with the story about America supporting Israel would be called antisemetic if it had been done by a Republican against a Democrat.

4. Oh, yeah - Dick Cheney says that Sarah Palin never should have been Vice Presidential candidate in 2008.

That was the first four minutes of the news.  Wow.  I knew it was bad, but had no idea that it was this bad.  I take this as a sign that the Obama campaign is in deep, deep trouble, and that the media is in as big a panic as they are.


Irish said...

I haven't watched the news in a loooong time. Once in while when I drop by my parents they have it on and I say the same thing, WOW.

It's amazing how blatantly biased the media is and they are spoon feeding it to the sheeple....sad.

ProudHillbilly said...

Yes to both or your conclusions.

I gave up on the news years ago.

RegT said...

I gave up on TV altogether back in 1987. The "news" was a big part of that decision.

The "gaffe" in his speech in Israel was calling Jerusalem the capitol - which it is, but which the White House has been scrubbing from all its communications or writings, in its plan to see that the so-called "Palestinians" are given control of that major piece of Israel.

They do not want Jerusalem to be referred to as a part of Israel, just as they do not want muslim violence against the US, Israel, and everywhere else referred to as "terrorism". The Fort Hood murders by that psycho jihadist were simply "work place violence", don't you know? Nothing to see here, move on.

Rev. Paul said...

Romney also stated that Israelis are more prosperous than Palestinians. Well, duh. But the Progressive mouthpieces report that "Palestinians are furious" about it.

The saddest part is that way too many of the sheeple get ALL their news from these White House organs.

NotClauswitz said...

Using Newsweek as the basis of an Appeal-to-Authority, a magazine/website that sold for a dollar to The Daily Beast - that's hilarious, they think people still care and are moved by what Newsweek does, or that it's any different than TMZ...

Ritchie said...

Mitt is a wimp? Wait, I thought they said he used to be a bully. Hold tight, media swerves ahead.

Stretch said...

Local ABC outlet anchor used the phrase "100 round magazine-clip" ... twice!
Political Bias + Ignorance = MSM