Sunday, July 29, 2012

Why do I blog?

Via Chris Byrne, we see that Og asks the question di tutti blog questions: why do you blog?  Og makes sense (as he always does):
I blog for my own enjoyment, but having the commenters I do, is like going to a get together every day with a bunch of damned nice people, and a few total assholes. Even the assholes, most of the time, are welcome. They make the party interesting.
But this is a bit general.  Me, I blog because otherwise none of y'all would know about Klingon antivirus.  Srlsy.  And for the comments.  (Tragically, there are no comments on Klingon antivirus.)  And while it won't change the World, it is by definition revolutionary.

I think I'm sort of saying the same thing as Og and Chris. 

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North said...

I stopped. Perhaps I feel that the scale tipped.