Monday, July 30, 2012

The sound in Camp Borepatch

Well, it's not quite so simple.  #1 Son is taking a class where he has to record sounds that will be used in a short film.  He can pick any topic, and he chose James Bond.  And so he's been busy recording the sounds of magazines being loaded, slides racked, and bolts worked.  We went to the range, where he recorded various guns being shot, one shot at a time and multiple times in a row.  We may go back and rent a silenced pistol that they have because that sound would be very James Bond indeed.

Now he's turned to the less, well, gunnie sounds you'd hear in a James Bond flick.  The sound of a Martini being shaken, for example, or a car engine rev'ing.  He's still looking for some more sounds to record, so if you have any ideas, leave a comment.

We'll see if his project comes off as well as this.


Unknown said...

the sound of a:
baccarat deck
cards shuffled
cards dealt
poker chips being tossed into the pot.
phone ringing
spear gun
safe opening
lock being picked
knife thrown into a piece of wood/wall

Old NFO said...

+1 on Richard's comment! And an airplane and helicopter flying low.

Dave H said...

I can think of a few involving the various Bond girls over the years. Kissing, sighing, you know the routine.

A European police siren (alternating tones).

A sonar ping.

Maybe some sort of a laser effect.

Anonymous said...

...and some wise ass remarks:

"Shocking, positively shocking!"

"He's branched off!"

"I must be dreaming."
(Okay, the last one might not be appropriate for his class!)

jon spencer said...

A BD-5 flying.

Bob S. said...

Need an evil laugh, body hitting the floor. Car crash (suggest pulling from youtube) body splashing in water. Fist fight

mikelaforge said...

To add to Mr. Blaine's excellent suggestions:
That Aston-Martin ejection seat.
That noise Oddjob's bowler hat made.
Luge run.
Parachute opening at the end of ski run (with schuss sounds too.)