Thursday, July 12, 2012

Following the global financial markets

As Europe staggers ever closer to the cliff edge, it's not a bad idea to keep a weather eye on the global financial markets.  The markets truly are global, and financial contagion can spread from the oddest of remote places to London and New York.  Right now the smart money is looking at Athens and Madrid, but there are a lot of exchanges, and they're also worth a glance now and again.

But aye, there's the rub.  There are a lot of exchanges, world wide.  How to keep up with them all?  StockNod:

Nice quick view - I like this one because you can tell more or less which time zone each market is in.  They have a tabular view, too.

Hopefully the Einsteins running the global banking system will keep the wheels from coming off, but this is a good way to keep your ear to the ground.


Anonymous said...

The euro crisis was expected and has been allowed to happen purely for political purposes. It's creators knew it would lead to a crisis situation that would require an overwhelming political fix to resolve ie the creation of a United States of Europe. As per plan they are moving to this next step in the Eurozone.
As to whether they can actually do this before the whole house of cards collapses is a different issue. If it implodes it will be messy but the pain will be short lived and all the countries of Europe will have their own currencies again much devalued and will be competitive again and they will revive quickly. If they form the USE most of Europe will like all socialist states ultimately stagnate and all economies including Germany's will contract. The UK economy may or may not be affected by all this it is hard to tell.

Old NFO said...

If/when Spain goes under it's gonna get REAL interesting... Nice little site, and thanks for the link!

Borepatch said...

knottedprop, that's a particularly interesting idea. Sort of like the one here that Obamacare was designed to force a crisis resulting in Single Payer.

SiGraybeard said...

Borepatch, there's a video where one of the brains behind the whole thing says (as well as I can quote), "People say 'it's a Trojan horse for a single-payer system'; well it's not. It's right out there in the open!"

Simple example. Someone I heard the other day was saying for the first year, his family's fine for not getting insurance until they showed up at the hospital would be under $100 (first year), but he's currently paying over $12,000 per year for his family of four. It goes up to $600/yr by 2016, but it's still way cheaper than the insurance. This will bankrupt the companies and force a government takeover. Voila! Single-payer.

Anonymous said...

borepatch it's not my theory, greater minds than mine said that was the goal 20 years ago when they first started prepping for the Euro via the ERM. It's also not really much of a secret it's a stated goal of Euro interventionists it's just kept out of the press. As for Obamacare you are correct the system was first designed to get rid of all the smaller insurance players in the market. This has happened they are down to mostly the big 5. The system will fail and then the provider of last resort will be the government.
Now as much as you hate the NHS service model it works or rather it did before the flooded the UK with an extra 10 million new people. These are not high earning tax payers either. The system is close to collapse in the heavily populated South East of England.
An NHS system has it's drawbacks and the main one is rationing of services although contrary to peoples belief it is also possible to go "private" (BUPA) in the UK and if you can afford it jump those queues.
However I suspect you won't even get an NHS just something far far far worse.