Thursday, July 26, 2012

Exciting Spam is exciting

Found in the comment spam bin, this is more creative than the typical cialis spam comment:
Search and therefore rescue teams climbed implies of the mist-shrouded, jungly terrain concerning nearly 20 hours to allow them to reach your online site where how the plane roared by about nearly 480 mph (800 kph) Wednesday, exploding also raining debris down a nice nearly vertical slope. Equally 21 minutes after takeoff straight from your own Jakarta airfield, however, the main Russian pilot additionally co-pilot asked as permission to help drop such as 10,000 feet if you want to 6,000 feet (3,000
Spam links and company names removed (because it's spam, duh) - but offered up for your viewing pleasure.


Rev. Paul said...

Gee, it's more exciting than the "Vigara" spam, too. Lucky you!

chiefjaybob said...

Well, I'm disappointed their mph/kph conversion is off by nearly 28 kph. That a low grade of spam right there. I would like a higher grade of spam, please.

Dave H said...

I've seen a few of these recently. They're pretty entertaining compared to the typical spam comment.

I wonder if that text is generated automatically. Back when it was still a hobby rag, BYTE Magazine published a program that made stuff like that. It would analyze a piece of text to figure out the probabilities of every n-character combination (where you tell it what value to use for n; 4 was good) and then generate another piece of text using the same probabilities. It made some surprisingly readable gibberish. (n = 4 made text that looked a lot like Jabberwocky. n = 7 made text that looked like this spam.)

Old NFO said...

Geez, all I get is the dick ads... I could use some better quality spam!

Atom Smasher said...

Not spam, but I got a very nice email from the folks at Chase today informing me that my Chase account had been shut down because of numerous failed password attempts, and they even provided a nice linkydink for me to click to reactivate my account.

All of which would have been at least remotely interesting to me if I actually had a "Chase" account.

Try again, silly Bulgarukrainistanians!